Commissioned Work of the Arrowhead Trail.

After the Arrowhead last year, my friend Scott reached out to me to do a painting of the Arrowhead Trail for him. Scott sent me some photos he took from his race, and I chose the one after a giant hill after MelGeorges.  This is the first true piece that I was making for someone and I was nervous the whole time.  During the process I kept finding “mistakes” and got very putzy at the end, fixing this… adjusting that.  My goal was to have it done by the Superior 100 and it was a full two months after that I could present this piece to my friend.  The timing ended up being perfect, and the feeling I got from giving this to Scott will never be forgotten!

Soon after this, I started on another piece, and as I whip through this next work, I’ve found that confidence is a huge factor.  Already I’m feeling more confident in landscapes and it helps me move purposefully!  I love making pieces for friends because it does make me have a dead line and also do things I might not have done on my own, and it’s meaningful art!  At first I was terrified of Scott looking at this painting in his cabin for years, but now, I get nothing but warm fuzzies knowing this is a gateway to a memory for him, of a snowy day, a big hill, and an Arrowhead finish!



Above is the painting in is’ts entirety, below is a close up of center.  Yes I need a better camera!





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