My name is Kari and this is my Blog!  I have gone on many paths before venturing down the one I’m currently on.  When I was 18 I left Minnesota and moved out to Montana, living in a cabin being close to the mountains was just what I wanted at the time.  A few years later I scooted down to Florida to work at Disney World.  Yes, I moved there so I could drive a fake boat and tell bad jokes on the Jungle Cruise!  After that it was time for the big city, so I borrowed 45 dollars for a bus ticket and headed east to New York City.  I was so oblivious at this time that I didn’t know Manhattan was an island! It’s amazing I’m alive.  I spent the next five years loving the city, walking the streets, going to clubs and being wild.  The only place that could get me out of that home was New Zealand.  In 2005 and grabbed my backpack and a year work Visa and hopped on an airplane to my dreams.  Living out of my back pack and traveling was the most peaceful and wonderful time of my life.  When my year ended I continued on to Great Britain and Europe before landing back in Minnesota with no desire to be here.  I got a job at a local coffee shop to save money to keep on traveling.  Then one day I decided I should go to college, so I went in to the local community college and signed up for classes!  Then I transferred to the University of Minnesota to continue my education.  All the while, counting down the days to when I could leave again.

The summer I moved to the city I went on my yearly trip to the Boundary Waters, when  I came home, I felt so alive and free and sadly knew that feeling was temporary.  I knew that the familiar uneasiness would start creeping back into my life now that I was back in Minneapolis.  To get away from that feeling, one day, I went for a run.  One mile, it was incredible!  I was free.  So I started training for a marathon.

I only started truly running at 30 when I ran my first Twin Cities Marathon, at that point it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done.  I was obsessed with it but stalled here and burned out.  I started skiing and that feeling came back.  I was still trying to find my niche.  Then one fine spring day I did my first 10k trail run in Battle Creek Saint Paul.  I was overweight and underprepared.  I thought I was going to die, but when I finished, it was a whole new world.  That was just three years ago and have found a love here along with a pretty sweet community.  Trail running is a way for me to be consistently connected to nature, even when I can’t be out camping or backpacking.  Somewhere along the line I started loving Minnesota, it may have had something to do with the SHT, my bikes, or the State Parks but I have some kind of peace here.

As I’m writing this the natural progression of  doing bigger events, longer runs, bigger adventures, makes perfect sense…. and it makes me excited for the next chapter.

Adventure on!